Thursday, August 6, 2009


I would like to register a formal complaint against a particular brand of internet user. The kind that has Facebook notes, blog entries, Myspace profiles, or any other type of publication that looks something like this:

LOLZ my momz like totaly jst got so POd at me 4 wat i sad to my lil broz 2day! itz crazee the way she jst cant C how matur i am.

Or maybe like this...

joe jonas iz like a hottie deelux!!! i cant wait 2 C him @ a concert 2morrow!!!~!!~ when he seez me itll be like love at 1st site! i no that he will LUV me, rite?! lolz

Or possibly as hideous as this...

my japinese Naruto character hadiwasi (did i spel that rite?!) is so kicka##!

Not only are you publicly showcasing your own ridiculous're making American youth everywhere look like uneducated, immature, dingbats.

Oh wait, they already do.

The rant is now complete.