Wednesday, January 19, 2011


My Guy.

Started back to school this week. Less hours. More music.
He's a happy camper.
Loving his church job and growing from it.
Sort of playing in a Reggae band.
Riding his bike more.
Playing his guitar more.
Has a couple of upcoming gigs.
Loves me more than I deserve.
Takes out the trash. I am thankful.
Is the most creative musician I know.
And that's saying something.
Is training me to be a happier morning person. I like that.
Should be receiving a shiny, sparkly new drum set in the mail soon.
Has incredibly generosity.
Makes me so proud.

My Boy.

Is officially housebroken. This is monumental.
No more wet spots on the floor! Hurray!
Is learning loose leash walking.
It's exciting. No more tugging my arm off.
Has the personality of a 6-yr old little boy.
Has the energy of a 6-yr old little boy.
Heaven help us.
Has started enjoying snuggling.
Has gone 11 lbs. over the housing weight limit and counting.
Loves people more than other dogs.
Has sweet pals like Buster and Boomer to keep him in check, though.
Is only very slightly spoiled.
Wants a sister named Dizzy. Seriously.
Or maybe that's just me, but still!
Keeps me feeling safe when My Guy is gone.
Is the best puppy the world has ever seen!


Still working.
Not taking classes this semester.
Learning how to be a better housekeeper.
Hating laundry.
Starting a 6 week vegan diet in February.
Knitting lots.
Enjoying being a wife.
Missing my Sherman and HPUville friends.
Addicted to Blood Oranges.
Still not sure what I want to "be" when I "grow up".
Trusting in God to tell me in His time.
Saving up for a Kindle.
Constantly coming up with bizarre names for the 15 children we plan on having.
Kidding, kidding.
Just being the same ol' me.


Hil said...

You should also add...
"I remind my hard working library friend that there are great views in the music building."

sopranorebecca said...

Haha! I'll make sure to remember that one next time...because there sure are ;-)