Tuesday, April 19, 2011

True Stories

I would love to write a long post filled with pictures about our lives right now....but I just can't do it.
Maybe one day!

So, in the meantime here are some funny little things that have been done/said in our house lately and other random tidbits about our lives...

At Lennon's first trip to the dog park we discovered that Mr. Brave certainly has his scaredy-cat moments!

"Have you worked on your paper?"
"No...but I will tonight, I promise!"
....the next morning....
"Did you work on your paper last night?"
"Well, ya see what happened was....."

I came to work this morning in my house shoes. Unintentionally.

K is gone for 5 days/4 nights for a revival week in our college town. I miss him. It is sad.

Gershwin has taken up the habit of lounging on our bed in the mornings while pawing at Lennon on the floor. Lennon isn't allowed on the bed (Gershwin really shouldn't be either...) and I can just hear the jeering from Gershwin!

I cooked a ginormous pot of potato soup on Sunday. Today the temperature high is 101 and soup leftovers sound awful. Terrible timing.

I get more excited about low grocery bills these days than almost anything else.

And the stupidest thing to come out of my mouth since K has been gone....
"Lennon! Drop the panties! Drop 'em!"

I've been reading a lot lately on my Kindle. Right now I'm reading The Apothecaries Daughter. I like it!

Kris's semester ends in just 3 more weeks. Then, bring on the summer classes!!

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