Tuesday, July 24, 2012

An Audience

A short thought for today.

I am officially a stay at home mom and loving it. My sweet son is growing so fast and I am so glad that I don't have to miss this time with him. The last two years I have been in a sort of limbo between phases while putting K through grad school and I'm thankful for a new feeling of permanence with where God has placed us now.

However, it's only natural that I've wondered when I'll begin to use my degree for the purpose I intended. I planned on starting a voice studio out of our home this fall but it just isn't going to come together that quickly. Not to mention, I haven't seriously performed since my senior recital unless you count singing the alto solo in a Vaughn Williams Mass last fall. It's a strange feeling to know that I'm no longer at the top of my game musically but here's the good part. I sing in two venues right now that are fulfilling in ways I have a hard time explaining.

First, in the congregation of our new church as my husband leads worship. What a beautiful opportunity to lift my voice to my creator! There's no better reason for singing and God deserves my whole hearted praise with the talents He's given me.

Second, here in my house as I sing to my son. I sing hymns, modern praise songs, lullabies and little themes that I make up just for him. I sing all day, really just because I can.

So during this season of my life that is filled with little other than nursing, house keeping and silent prayer I comfort myself with this thought: the only ones who hear me are the Lord of my life and the son that He blessed me with...but what a precious audience! What a beautiful reason for singing! If that's "all" I can accomplish right now with my gifts then I will embrace it and thank God for it. I won't get these moments back and I am so very thankful for my audience of two.


Esther said...

That is a fabulous perspective, Becca, and I encourage you to hold fast to it even when you feel your "professional life" slipping away. I can attest that it is all worth it. Also, I will leave you with something my mother has often told me, and which today I can tell you is true: you WILL have lots of time at another point in your life to do those other, professional, fulfilling things. Now is not that time, but the time will come. So--wait patiently, and truly savor these days.

Esther said...

Oh...and talk to me about a private voice studio.