Tuesday, November 11, 2014


One thing that is endlessly entertaining for me is Harrison's expanding vocabulary. I love to see how he says new things and develops his personal language style. So in order to keep up with all the little funny phrases I'm going to do a once a week Harrisonism post. 

I figured I would play a joke on Harrison on Monday so when I went into the other room to pick up Lincoln I roared into the baby monitor. He came running in and said "Mama! Mama! You hear that? My grandpa! On the phone!" Apparently he likes his Grandpa's roars. 

"Mama, look!"
"Oh great, you found your whale!"
"No, mom. Dat's an orca."

...and in a similar vein:
"Is that a digger?"
"No, it's an excavator."

While talking to my Granmother on the phone:
"Are you excited to go see Granmother and the cows at her house?"
"And her monkeys!"
"I don't think she has any monkeys..."
"No, probably not any gorillas either."
"I see her sharks!"

I've been working with him on saying, "yes ma'am". Tonight while I was in another room I hear Kris talking to him...
"You need to stay in your room and read this book while I go get your snack."
"Yes ma'am!"
"Well when you're talking to daddy you can say 'yes sir'"
"Yes ma'am!"
"Yes ma'am is for mama, yes ma'am is for daddy."
"Yes ma'am! Yes ma'am!"
Then as he comes back to remind him to stay in his room
"Yes sirrrrr!" 
He finally got it!

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