Monday, September 7, 2009

An Update. Stage 3.

Literally 2 days after getting engaged we undertook yet another adventure!
We visited this campus...

With these wonderful people...

And we even stopped here along the way.

That's right, folks! We went on our very first grad school visit with my parents to the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary!! The campus is just gorgeous (humidity soars, but that's ok!), the people there were all very nice, and we felt very comfortable with the school. We're not making any decisions yet, but this was a great place! As you can sort of see from the last picture, we also made a stop at the Audobon aquarium. It was really awesome!! We walked in from the pouring rain, which is why Kris and I look like we just stepped out of a pool. Oh, in the picture he's pointing at Stingrays and I'm just excited about being newly engaged, hence the ring-flashing. We both enjoyed the trip and the quality time with my parents. The drive was long, but we shortened it by stopping along the way there and back at the Fi's hometown. His parents put us all up for two nights and they gave us a party. But, alas, the details will have to wait for tomorrow!

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