Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I have lots of thoughts.
If you came to my senior recital, you would know that. :-)
These are some thoughts for today.

Am I graduating on Saturday? No. Surely not. Already? Nah. The Cap and Gown sitting next to me must have been meant for someone else.

I only had one final. One. And it doesn't really count because it wasn't written. I had to act out a scene for Fundamentals of Acting. That's it.

I had my last SAI meeting yesterday. That was sad but I know that good things are coming for my lovely SAI girls.

Cap and Gowns are UGLY.

I'm old. Really really old. 22. Eesh.

Where should the wedding reception be, anyways? In the yucky gym or on the HPU campus. From one undesirable option to the next.

Now I have to go teach.

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