Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Not quite sure...

Well, I'm not quite sure how this happened.

Ya see, on July 6th, for our one month anniversary, K and I expanded our family.

Here he is on that fated day...

He was certainly the cutest ball of fluff that our amazing local shelter had. And believe me, I know. I had been stalking them for weeks. Seriously.

But I'm not quite sure what happened. Ya see, he started changing a little. Here's some proof.

See! The little bugger grew. And started making friends. (That particular friend is named "Sheep". Go figure.)

There he goes again! Growing! I just am not quite sure how it happens....

Here he is, eating carrots out of his Cone of Shame. Pitiful kid. That'll teach ya not to lick the glue off your hiney!

And final, definite proof that this baby is changing.

Look at that precious puppydog! He's getting bigger everyday. No kidding.He's 3 and a half months old. Eats like he's a starved Ethiopian dog. Loves carrots and apples. Lives for walks and belly rubs. Thinks it's funny to steal and eat our shoes. Is currently in an obedience class. Chews his paws and knees. Attempts to herd us like sheep in our little home...

And he keeps us smiling. :-)

I'm just not quite sure how he grew so fast!

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