Tuesday, September 21, 2010


"There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven"
Ecclesiastes 3:1

Yes, Solomon, there sure is!

I enjoy taking part in many different activities and hobbies. I like to sew, read, knit, explore, go on walks, scrapbook, travel, learn about history, sing....etc.
However, the two hobbies* that are most consistent in my life are reading and knitting. I started reading...well...when every American public school kid did. In Kindergarten! But, unlike a lot of kids, just couldn't get enough of books. I liked playing outside with my siblings and friends, watching tv, playing with dolls and the like but a new book is what really tickled my fancy.
*(I'm not including the hobby of "singing" in this count because it is a more serious endeavor for me these days)

So the point is that I like to read, right? And I would rather read than do anything else?

Well, my senior year of high school I defied the 17 year-old girl norm and started knitting. I still read, of course, but this was an entirely new fascination for me. I just couldn't get enough! I knitted like crazy my whole senior year and enjoyed having handmade things to give to family and friends. When I started college, however, knitting sort of fell to the back burner. I just didn't have the time. I picked up reading again instead of knitting because it was easier to keep up with a book over long periods of time. I took an entire semester to read Pride and Prejudice. That's how serious this business thing was. After a short while I adjusted to the college life and started knitting again.

So ever since I picked up knitting I've had two fun hobbies that I bounce back and forth between. I'll knit like a fool for several months and then out of the blue (and often in the middle of a project) just can't stand the sight of it any more.
Enter reading!
Suddenly I'm entranced by some book or other and when it's finished I pick up another, and another, and another! Then, after several months or so (is this starting to sound like a pattern yet?) of reading voraciously I don't want to touch another book.
Enter knitting!

See the pattern?

This is my life. A series of systems and patterns. Seasons if you will. I'm aware that it's a little boring, yes, but I love it.

I've been in a reading season for a while now. While I was planning the wedding knitting was too much for my brain. (Just ask me about the dress I started despite the fact that my brain wanted to read. Ugh) So I am on the second of a 7 book series right now( No, Malissa, not Harry Potter) and I just lose it. I'm sick of reading! I need some sort of textile centered hobby!
Oh yeah! I can knit! How convenient!

So, now that 2 people in the universe have read my ramblings, let me introduce you to the new loves in my life. Are ya ready?



Could these two delightful patterns be more wonderful?? I certainly don't think so.
Christmas is just a few months away so please excuse me while I go and knit.


ME said...

Hey, don't forget our comittment to finish all the projects started or waiting before buying new yarn!! I have socks, a scarf and a 90% done purse on the needles right now during my "reading season"! :)

sopranorebecca said...

That's very true!
I think you fudged in Colorado, so I'll count my recent yarn purchase as my fudge ;-)
Hopefully I'll finish what's been on my needles for months before I get too far on new things, though...haha!