Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Our Life in Pictures, Vol. 2

Today's pictures are of the hobby variety. Kris got me a Knitpicks giftcard for my birthday! I made two lovely projects from the yarn. The first is a hood, yes, just a hood. It sure came in handy during our snow week! (That'll be the next blog post) The second project is a pair of lovely mittens. More details on that later. The third is a beautiful little electronice device. It makes me happy.

Here is the front view of the hood. I had lots of extra yarn so I made a matching pair of fliptop mittens.
This is the side view; I love the cable pattern. It's made of wool and is very warm.
It keeps the wind out and the warmth in while serving the purpose of a hat, scarf and face warmer all in one!

This is the start of my very first venture into colorwork. The darker color is eggplant but the picture doesn't show that very well. I discovered that colorwork is fun and challenging...I used to think it could be nothing more than boring and tedious.

This is the top view of the first one I finished. The pattern is very tribal looking but I didn't choose it based on this part.

This is the palm...I like it much better!
The unfortunate side to this story is that last night I finished the second one. Sounds great, right?
Nope. I made two left mittens.
If you know anyone with two left hands just let me know. It was so sad!

This was delivered to our little home during the middle of our snow week. I was very thankful for it's ultra timely arrival. I have almost 20 books on it so far and I didn't pay for a single one thanks to promotional books and public domain. I've hardly put it down since it came. Love it!
So there's my little hobbying update.
Tomorrow: Vol. 3, SNOW WEEK!

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