Friday, February 11, 2011

Our Life in Pictures, Vol. 3

Our Life in Pictures took a break for a few days. On Wednesday when I had planned on blogging about our snow snowed! What a surprise! I couldn't handle blogging about snow and ice while I was surrounded by it so I just gave it a rest for a bit.

But now we're back!

So, last week, February 8, 9, 10, and 11 we had no work or school due to the stupid amount of snow that the heavens rained down on Cowtown. In case you couldn't tell...I hate snow. 4 days off of work? Dandy. Stuck in the house for 4 days? Stupid. Don't get me wrong...I'm thankful! It was lovely, much needed time at home with my husband and pup but I really hate being stuck in the house.

Enough babbling on my part! Here are the pictures!

This is Friday, snowday #4. G was very very ready to go outside and this face says, "Mom please please please!!!"

K is not used to this weather! He enjoyed the snow but hated the accompanying cold. Just like me! If only snow were warm, I would like it. :-)

These are our cars. In our parking lot.

Oh, wait. You can't see the parking lot?

Yeah, neither could we!

Here are my boys, K and G, enjoying the snow! G's life was revolutionized by the white stuff and he was terribly distraught when it left. Poor guy!

I believe that G's love of snow is fueled by the following truth: Snow is the only substance in his life that he has been able to play in and eat.

What a guy!
K made this lovely message for me in our snowy parking lot!
Well, there you have it folks. A lot of stinking snow.
Hope that you enjoyed our snow week pictures!

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