Friday, May 20, 2011

Happy Birthday, Gershwin!

Today my very sweet and precious puppy turns 1! Call me crazy if you will, but I had to blog about it. Gershwin is so special to us! Our plan for the day was to take him and Lennon to the dog park after work but we've been rained out. We'll just have to settle for couch fetch and lots of cuddles at home. Anyways, now on to the good stuff!

This fluffy bear cub of a puppy was a 1 month "anniversary" gift from my husband.

This handsome face is him today.

He's fluffy and sweet.
He loves to sniff my face.
He runs far away from rolling laundry hampers.
He's the most perfect shade of brown.
He loves his little brother, Lennon.
He runs faster than anything I've ever seen.
He's my protector when I'm home alone.

He's our first "baby" and today he's one.
Happy Birthday, Gershwin!

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Hil said...

Happy Birthday Gershwin! I'm sure your parents have sung/played a jazzy Happy Birthday for you today!