Friday, May 27, 2011

What We Eat

Since making the decision to go veg over 2 years ago I have received many, many interesting looks and comments from family, friends, and curious fast food order-takers. The most common question I get, by far, is "What do you eat?!" This is usually spoken with a tone of surprise or condescension and always with a look of incredulity.

A few weeks ago I started using an online menu planner called It has been a wonderful way to keep our meals more scheduled, try new recipes that I've been meaning to make forever, and keep our grocery bill lower. Most of these recipes come from my favorite vegan bloggers so in this here blog post I'm going to post links to every dinner I've made for the last month. Yes, seriously. Today I'll post the first 2 weeks of May and later I'll post the last two weeks. I figured it would be a fun way to prove that we eat a very balanced veg diet without binging daily on nothing but canned spinach and peas. Let me point out, first, that I rarely cook on Sundays and Wednesdays because I leave home after breakfast and don't come back until after 9pm. On these days we eat leftovers or out at restaurants.
If you think this is the stupidest blog post ever, feel free to click that big red "x" now....

So, without any further adieu, this is my presentation of what we eat!

Monday, May 2nd.
A recipe of my own making. It's called Perfect Pizza and I'll blog about it one day :-)

Tuesday, May 3rd
"Cheese" Stuffed Bean Burgers by Peas and Thank You
This is a great vegan blogger who writes recipes that we always enjoy. These burgers were incredible and passed the husband test!

Thursday May 5th
Chipotle Lime Tempeh Tacos by Peas and Thank You
YUM-O! We had these with my homemade salsa and they were super yummy. This was my first time working with tempeh, a popular all-natural meat substitute.

Friday, May 6th
Lasagna and Chocolate Cherry Pudding Cake by Fat Free Vegan
This vegan lasagna was, no contest, the best lasagna either of us has ever had. Make it today and I'll come over and share it with you. :-)
The cake was incredible as well. It's a recipe for 4 individual lava cakes baked in ramekins. I used strawberry instead of cherry and these were still to die for.

Monday, May 9th
Roasted Chickpea Tacos
We love chickpeas! They have a meatier texture than most beans so I think that these tacos are definitely omnivore friendly, as well.

Tuesday, May 10th
Lasagna Leftovers...because I was too tired to cook.

Thursday, May 12th
We ate out! Believe me, I needed a break. We used a gift certificate to eat out at an Indian restaurant and it was the best meal I've had in ages. I could go on and on but I'll save you the bore...

Friday, May 13th
Broiled Sesame Orange Tofu by Peas and Thank You
Talk down on tofu all you want, but this was really good. Tofu is great when it's cooked right and we ate this over steamed Jasmine rice. It was simple and tasty.

Click on some of these links and let me know what you think. We loved every bite and I'd be tickled pink if you gave one of these meals a try!

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Hil said...

I love it! I want to try the chickpea tacos! You should've seen the looks I got when I put spinach in my smoothie! But it was great.