Friday, August 17, 2012

2 Month Dr. Visit

After posting LDB's 2 month update I finally scheduled his 2 month check up. We had to find a pediatrician in our new town and work out our new insurance information so I was just sure that it would be a while before we could get him an appointment but it didn't turn out that way at all. I asked for a lot of recommendations and called several offices before I found a Dr. that fit what I was looking for. They had an opening this week so we took it!

K couldn't make it to the appointment but my parents are in town so they got to tag along. My mom actually came back to the exam room with us and she and I agree...Dr. F is GREAT! He was very attentive, answered our questions, and didn't make me feel like he needed to rush in and out. I felt really comfortable with him and he was super supportive of some of my slightly unconventional choices for LDB's care. Plus, his office is only 5 minutes from our house. We definitely hit the jackpot!

As usual, I was floored by how much he's grown. As a reminder, here's the info on his weight at each of the appointments we've had before:
Birth: 10lbs 13oz, 22" long
4 days: 9lbs 13oz
2 weeks 4 days: 11lbs 13oz
4 weeks 4 days: 13lbs 12 oz
And now, at 2 months 6 days he weighed in at 16lbs 13oz and 25" long.
That's just nuts to me.

Normally, babies fall into a particular percentile according to the national averages...but LDB is off the charts. Of course, he's not the only baby like happens. But still, it just baffles me.

Dr. F said that his weight gain is consistent with his growth in length so he's not at all concerned that he's putting on too much weight. Basically, if he was gaining pounds and not inches there would be cause for concern but since that's not the case he is as healthy as can be. He was very impressed with LDB's head support and the fact that he's already rolled over intentionally. I'm so happy that he's so healthy. After Dr. F left the nurse came and gave him an oral vaccine and a shot. She had to wake him up to do it so I just knew he was going to be upset but other than a little groan when she stuck him he was fine. No fever or fussing later in the day either, so we were thankful for that!

I praise God for the health of my son. He's growing and developing so fast that I want to spend every moment I can drinking it all in!

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