Tuesday, August 14, 2012

2 Months

 "Hey everybody!"

 "Nice to see ya!"

"I'm 2 months old!"

That's right...this sweet boy is 2 months old! It's hard to believe that time has passed so quickly and things have changed so much. Here's the two month info!

LDB is wearing one-size cloth diapers on the smallest snap setting. We love Flips with a stay dry insert for night time and GroVia or homemade inserts for during the day. This month he wore 0-3 month clothes exclusively and outgrew just a few outfits. We probably should have started transitioning into 3-6 month clothes but I just couldn't bring myself to do it...I squeezed him into 0-3 for as long as I could!

This month he started sleeping through the night! Praise the Lord! We also (finally) got his nursery furniture up so we went ahead and moved him into the crib in his room. He had been sleeping in our room in a beautiful cradle made by K's father. When his long legs outgrew it after just a few weeks we moved him into the pack and play (still in our room) until we could get the furniture set up. Once we moved him into his room he started sleeping longer stretches which eventually transitioned into sleeping 6, then 7, then 8 hours straight at night. He's still working on consistency but about 6 nights out of the week he sleeps perfectly. This has been such a blessing for us! We were really convinced that letting him set his own schedule was the best for him right now and I'm thankful that it's worked out so well. When he wakes up in the morning we snuggle for a while, change his diaper, and then he eats. This lasts about an hour and is followed by a two hour nap. Then he wakes up, more snuggles followed by smiling and talking time with me. For the rest of the morning he'll eat and take breaks to smile at me then (generally) a two hour nap in the afternoon. The late afternoon evening is filled with eating, playtime and catnaps. At 9 we give him his bath, then lotion and pajamas and I feed him until he's fast asleep around 10.

He still nurses for most of the day but this month we've had longer stretches of awake and happy time. LDB loves to smile at Momma and Daddy and still is a hoot in the bathtub! His Grammy got him a carseat toy that spins, lights up, and plays music so car time is much better now than it was before. He is mesmerized by his toy and loves to swat at it. His personality is blossoming so K and I spend lots of time "talking" to him and smooching his kissy cheeks :-)

We loooooove being parents! This month has been wonderful and we are so thankful for our amazing blessing from the Lord!

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Mother of a Sea Monkey! said...

That is so awesome that he loves sleeping almost as much as he loves eating! :-D I am glad to hear that our Little One isn't the only late-to-bed child. Reading about people who put their newborns to bed between 7 & 8 is just plain....laughable? Worrying? Ludicrous? Yes, all of the above. :-)