Monday, October 20, 2014

10 Reasons Why My Husband is Better Than Your Husband

I meant to have this done in time for Kris's birthday last week but I didn't make my deadline! So here it is...better late than never. 10 reasons why my husband is better than your husband!

10. He makes time for our family. He took Harrison to Auto Zone with him tonight while I made dinner even though he could have gone by himself on the way home from work. That made Harrison feel super special and I got to make dinner a little more quickly!

9. I enjoy and appreciate his talents. He is currently sitting at the piano while wearing the baby, playing and singing "My One and Only Love".

8. He is humble. I can't undervalue this one enough. It's so wonderful to share my life with someone who knows that his worth is found in Jesus.

7. He takes time to listen to me and invest himself in my interests. It's one thing to allow your wife to chat with you about her day and the things she values but it's quite another to really listen, encourage, and become invested in each of those things.

6. He leads me in worship. I am so thankful that God gave me Kris as my music minister! It's one of the most special things for me to experience as a church member and enhances, rather than distracts, from my ability to see God working in my life and our church.

5. He genuinely enjoys being a father. Some of my other points have to do with Kris's strengths as a dad but his true enjoyment and joy in our children is priceless! I love when other people notice and tell him how extraordinary it is to see a dad having so much fun with his kids.

4. Have you seen his hair? The curls. I die. My husband is a good lookin' guy.

3. He is a hard worker. He does so much to keep our family afloat financially. More than that, though, he really loves working diligently toward a goal and doing things with excellence for the Lord.

2. I can count on him to be honest with me in gentle criticism when I need to improve or change something in my life. It takes a pretty delicate balance of grace and love to be able to approach your wife with something that needs changing!

1. His priorities are in order. Jesus, marriage, babies. It's not easy, but he lets God guide him. What a blessing to all of us!

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