Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Big News

At the end of September, as our semester started to get CRAZY we had to move. Terrible timing, I tell you! Our little on-campus duplex had a pipe leaking that had completely rotted out an area of the wall between the kitchen and bathroom and it was no longer safe for us to live there. Fortunately, we only had to move a block away and our school provided boxes, a moving truck, and two sweet helpers. We also had the help of two friends who went WAY above and beyond the call of duty helping us load boxes and do late night trips between the duplexes. In case you think I'm exaggerating a little about the frantic nature of this move, let me point out that we found out Monday morning and were moved completely by Tuesday night. We had to take two unexpected days off of work/school and were so stressed, but God provides! We were out of the moldy old place and into a much more updated version of a duplex with the same floor plan as before.

That Thursday, Kris had to have a class through lunch and I decided to go and grab a sandwich out instead of going home. I was exhausted and didn't want to deal with taking the dogs out on my own. All that morning I had been feeling slightly strange and it hit me as I passed CVS....
Could I be pregnant?
No, surely not. I'm just tired and stressed, that's all.

But somehow the little feeling wouldn't go away so I stopped in, grabbed what I needed and went along my merry way thinking that I might take the test in a few days if the funny feeling persisted.
HA! Yeah, right.
By the time I was back at work that little box was burning a hole in my mind and my purse so I rushed to the downstairs ladies room and sure enough! Two lines!
Craziness. I have no words for how shocked and excited I felt. I wanted to go and tell K right then but I decided it could wait a few days for it to sink in.
HA! (do you see a trend??)

That night I cooked dinner, acted like nothing important was going on and when we were finished eating handed him my Bible. I told him that I had come across a passage that I thought he needed to see. I had marked the first chapter of 1 Samuel and asked him to read it. When he finished he looked up at me and with eyes all big asked, "Does this mean what I think it means?" I had him turn forward a few pages and there was the test...proof that God answers prayers.

This, after days of craziness and pure stress, was just the most peaceful moment. So much joy! During the the following weeks of doubt that this could be actually happening, which were only met by more and more assurances and peace from the Lord, is why we chose his middle name. It means "peace" and could not be more perfect...because the peace that God has brought to our hearts through this tiny boy can't be measured.

We chose to keep it a secret from everyone until we could visit my midwives and get an ultrasound. On October 31, 2011 there he was! Perfectly growing and heart beating like little fluttering wings. What a miracle!

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