Thursday, February 16, 2012

It's a Boy!

I know that some people think it's so wonderful to save the gender reveal for the birth. I agree that it's wonderful. Just not for us! K and I were agreed from the beginning that we wanted to know if our little grape was a boy or a girl. When we scheduled the anatomy scan ultrasound we were so excited and started counting down the days. We scheduled the appointment for the Thursday after we came back from Germany and invited our moms to come along. Unfortunately, K's parents were spending that day with family for Christmas but my mom was able to come along. We made sure that his parents were the first to know afterwards!

Because of a frustrating experience we had with our first ultrasound tech they sent us to a specialty office for this ultrasound. My mom made it JUST in time and we were ushered back to a nice room with a gigantic flat screen TV in the corner. Amazing! Instead of having to all gather around the little computer monitor we were able to see the baby perfectly clear from each of our seats. The scan began with lots of measurements of bone lengths and checking each of the tiny organs. It was very surreal because at 18 weeks the baby is still quite small but on the screen it looked as though we were viewing a full term baby! After several minutes of the tech measuring, taking little pictures, and pointing out all the important things to me she asked one more time if we were sure we wanted to know the gender. We reassured her that, YES, we hadn't changed our minds so she moved her little wand around until she found what she was looking for. I knew before she said it out loud and so did my mom. Honestly, the little dude made it very, very easy for us. The tech looked over and asked me if I knew and I told her yes, but I needed to hear it out loud.

"It's a boy!"

She took a few pictures of the evidence as K, mom, and I all laughed and shared the moment. It was so special and relieving to finally know that our baby looked perfectly healthy and was so fun to finally be able to know the gender. After a quick check by the doctor to confirm that he looked healthy we were sent on our way with a DVD of the ultrasound and checked out of the office. We immediately called K's family and shared the news and then went to lunch where we told my dad over the phone as well.

This day could not have been more perfect. We didn't care one lick whether this baby was a boy or a girl but knowing made everything feel so much more real. Of course, we had a definite name for a girl and nothing for a boy but we took care of that in time. I've always wanted to be a mother and knowing that this baby inside of me is my son, given by God, and already so loved is an answered prayer.

18 Weeks!


Doug Davies said...

What great fun and excitement !!!

Mother of a Sea Monkey! said...

I remember when we had Emma's anatomy scan. It was so breathtaking! Like you said, she was still so very small, yet everything was there. She wasn't missing a single organ, finger, or ear - it was all there; just needed to get a little bigger. And the second we found out the gender (she made it quite a bit more difficult for, a little electric shock of reality surged through my entire body.

Isn't it just so amazing?!? There have been many times over the past year when I felt so sorry for Andrew being a boy. They can never experience the thrill of motherhood and everything it contains.

I am so excited for you!!!!

Beccamazing said...

Yes, that's exactly how I felt! Just utter amazement! It's beautiful the way God works every little detail out.
I feel bad for K, too, because I get every little special moment. All the kicks and squirms throughout the day when he isn't right there for me to say, "ooooh come and feel that!" But he'll still have his special daddy moments later :-)