Monday, February 13, 2012

First Trimester Overview

Since I only blogged about two very stressful moments in my first trimester (in order to share my hormonal goofiness with the world wide web) I think it's a good idea to give an overview that better reflects the normalcy of my first 12 weeks!

I certainly had the occasional crying outburst but I spent more of the first trimester trying to convince myself that I really and truly was pregnant. I expected to have all of the "normal" symptoms like morning sickness, sore body, crazy mood swings, etc. Instead, I really had a very calm experience.
I felt completely normal every morning and this more than anything had me convinced that I wasn't pregnant! Shouldn't I be barfing my guts up every morning? Well, apparently not because I'm now 24 weeks and have only thrown up 3 times. Believe me, I am so aware of how lucky I am! Of course, I did have the occasional emotional outburst and one area of my body stayed sore for weeks, but I'm drawing the line at sharing about that. You're welcome.

My only two persistent symptoms were extreme food cravings (one of which I shared about here), and frequent gagging over any food that didn't meet that craving. Most days there would be one thing my body wanted and absolutely nothing else would settle well. This was pretty easy to fix because we live near enough grocery stores and cheap restaurants that pretty much everything I wanted was within reach. Only occasionally did I want something that wasn't attainable and those days I would make myself eat something really plain in the meantime.

Overall, my first trimester was a dream. I had my first appointments with my midwife group, first two ultrasounds and the joy of sharing the news with our family and friends. Watching K transform into the guy who points out a cute baby or unique stroller to me with a gigantic smile on his face has been amazing. He's so excited about every little detail and thrilled to be a dad. I've never had to deal with an uncaring attitude from him like I know so many women do. God has TRULY blessed me with a supportive husband.

The truth is that I love being pregnant. I'm not one of those women who feels like constantly complaining. Each day of this journey is fun and special and the days are going too fast for me to waste my time being miserable! Yet another reason why LDB's middle name means peace...this pregnancy is so peaceful and I'm not taking it for granted!

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