Thursday, May 24, 2012

39 weeks

Yesterday I hit 39 weeks!

Here are some answers to questions I've been asked a lot lately:

*How big is he?
I do not have any idea how big LDB is going to be. I haven't had an "official" ultrasound since my second trimester so we haven't had any recent measurements. There isn't any indication that there's anything wrong with him so our midwives feel that there's no real need to have another. We're perfectly comfortable with this because the guesses that they make are just that...guesses. I don't think there's anything I can do to affect his size so it doesn't really matter to me if I know or not. In fact, I'm happier without the guessing because I'm aware of my family's history of big's inevitable and I don't care to have any reason for anxiety about it. :-)

*Are you STILL working?
Yes, I'm still working. Yes, I plan to work until LDB is here. No, I don't consider myself crazy for this...haha! If I was feeling miserable I'm sure I would have thrown in the towel a couple of weeks ago.

*Still feeling good?
Yes, I still feel great. I have been to a chiropractor twice lately so that helps, too. I never thought I would make it this far and still not feel like a lumpy, pregnant mess! I am very thankful for the strength and health that I've been blessed with. Praying it will continue for another week or so :-)

*You're not still planning on cloth diapering right after a move, are you?
We will be cloth diapering whether or not we have washer and dryer immediately. I've been using a laundry area outside of my home for's all good. It will be inconvenient, for sure, but the cost savings and environmental reasons are still worth it to us. We do have some disposables on hand for backup but we'll still do cloth primarily.

*Will you be delivering in your new town?
The big move isn't happening until June 11th(ish) so I won't be relocating to a new hospital right before delivery. Praise the Lord for his impeccable timing!

*What are you going to call him?
We've chosen a name for LDB that has a very common nickname attached to it. We've been asked a lot lately if we plan on using that nickname which, of course, we expected! It's a great nickname but we don't plan on using it. We want him to be able to decide as he grows if he'd like to be called that or not. We LOVE his name, are proud of it, and plan on using it exclusively. It's longer than some, but hey, so are our names :-)

*How are things going with buying a home?
Swimmingly! I'm dealing with all of the paperwork and communication from afar so it gets a little tedious but it's worth it. We are SO happy to finally be moving into a place that isn't owned by a school. I'll post about the house after we move, so stay tuned!

*Are you getting nervous?
No. Not one bit...seriously. I am so happy about being a mom and seeing my amazing husband as a dad. This is also the very first grandbaby for my awesome inlaws and #7 for my mom and dad. This time is WAY too exciting for me to be nervous. He's already loved immensely and I'm just ready to meet him at whatever point God has decided for him to make his arrival!

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Samantha said...

I am so excited for you! I cannot wait to hear that he is hear annnnnd to read your birthstory!