Friday, June 29, 2012

A Baby Story - Still In Labor? Yep.

Just in case you haven't been keeping up with the timeline here let me reiterate to is now June 7th. I went in to be induced on June 5th.

Yep. Still no baby.

One of the funny parts about my time in the hospital was how many Labor and Delivery nurses I had. The shifts would change every twelve hours but every time a nurse's other patient would be in active, almost ready to push labor, my nurse would leave and I would get another one. Since I was there so long I swear I saw almost every nurse possible! Each one would come in and say something to the effect of, "So you're the one growing the giant baby?" Every time I heard this I would say, "That's what they say...but mark my words, he only weighs 9 and a half pounds! I just know it!"

Anyways, Thursday started with Captain as the on-call midwife again. I got up at 6:15, ate a bit for breakfast, took a shower and then started back on pitocin. Contractions started up regularly but not intense at first. My goal for the day was to get to 4 or 5 cm so the cervical balloon would fall out and clear the way for my water to break or be broken by the midwife. I had my mom braid my hair back so that I would feel a bit more pretty and clean which was really nice. It may sound shallow, but I needed a boost. At 11:20 Captain checked the balloon and praise the Lord, it was out! This was a HUGE step for us. I was at 5cm so she went ahead and broke my water. Good grief! She did it without warning me so I just knew that I was peeing all over her! Once she explained what happened I felt a lot better. My mom and K were in the room with me most of the morning which was nice. I got to get up and move around for a while after Captain broke my water and at 11:45am I was back on the birthing ball. I alternated between the ball, the cushy chair in the room and the bed for the next few hours. Contractions were getting closer together and more intense. This was finally what I had prepared myself for. K had been doing a lot of guitar playing to help keep the atmosphere calm but now he was constantly by my side as an awesome partner and coach. He would rub my back, sit behind me in bed and talk me through the contractions. During this time we figured out that my body was responding best to contractions when I was sitting in bed so I stopped using the birthing ball as much. At 3:00pm Captain checked me at a stretchy 5cm and LDB was at a -1 station. I was so excited to have made some good progress! The movement from a -2 to a -1 was especially encouraging. At 4:30 I had another big fluid loss and the contractions got way harder. I was still working through them well, though, so I was very glad to not be feeling drawn to an epidural yet. During all of this my regular midwife came by for a visit. I was so glad to see her! She was coming from the last meeting of our Centering group and I was the only mom that wasn't there! I was sad but so glad to hear from her about how everyone was doing. Her visit was a super refreshing boost to the afternoon. At 5:45 I was still 5cm but LDB had moved down to a 0 station. Once again, the fact that he was descending was huge progress for us. Basically, I was hoping that this meant my body wasn't deciding that he was too big to move down into my cervix. My sister came back into town with her family with the hope that I would deliver that night. I was so, so, so excited that she was back. She and my mom were still in and out during the evening. The big change for the evening was when, in between contractions and with a completely clear head, I let K know that if I checked out again at 5cm I'd like to go ahead and have an epidural. Knowing that LDB was descending was great but I had been at 5cm for a very long time and I knew that an epidural was our last option to help my body progress. Sure enough, at 7:45 I was still just 5cm. That's 9 hours without any progress in my cervix. Captain agreed that my last option was to try to relax my body with an epidural and hope it would get my progress going. It was a hard decision but, once again, I was glad to have exhausted every other possibility before having it done. At 8:40 the CRNA came by and did the epidural. For the first time in a long time, I felt warm! I was very pleased with my epidural because I could still wiggle my toes, feel LDB moving around, and (with great effort!!!) roll myself over when I needed to change positions. I didn't feel completely paralyzed, which is what I had been afraid of. The best word to describe the feeling would be heavy. At 9pm my sister had to leave but I got to love on her two oldest kids for a bit and they brought by a present for LDB. Then our parents and K's brothers came back and visited for a bit. At 10:00 K pulled out the couch bed and we tried to get some rest. Every hour I would roll over to my other side. The creepy thing was that I could feel LDB shoving himself into my right side like he was trying to burrow in and take a nap. I was laying flat on my side and feeling lots of pressure from him. Contractions were still 2-3 minutes apart and now I had an internal fetal monitor in so we could get a better idea of how efficient the contractions were. My mom came back and she and I spent some good, quiet time chatting while K slept. It was nice time for us and I was thankful for it. At 1:10am we had a quiet celebration when we found out that I was at 8cm!! Finally, the progress we had been waiting for. The epidural had done it's job! My mom and I spent a long time talking and we decided not to wake K. He had worked so hard and was finally getting some very deserved rest. The next few hours I was still flipping, resting and chatting with my mom.

Finally, at 4:00am and 55 hours after the induction started, the most crushing thing happened.

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