Friday, September 14, 2012

3 Months

Our 3 month update is one week late because our appointment with the Pediatrician was one week late. That's what happens when you procrastinate, folks!

My Little Drummer Boy was not at all interested in smiling for these photos. 
He's had plenty of happy moments lately but he is becoming very captivated by his surroundings and disinterested in my picture taking.

Here's our side by side comparison of this month and last month.

This month LDB weighs 18 pounds 6 ounces. His growth has slowed just a bit which is nice and healthy for this age. He rolled over for the first time a day before he was 2 months old and didn't do it again until a day before 3 months. Maybe he was trying to prove he still could? Both times have been very deliberate but, obviously, he's not making a habit of it just yet. He's still been in cloth diapers on the smallest snap setting and we're still loving Flips, Gro-Via, and homemade the best. We've used just a couple disposables and those were size 2s. His clothes have been about 75% 3-6 month and 25% 6-9 month. The length definitely started getting pretty snug on the 3-6 but not too bad. He's always enjoyed tummy time but now it's one of his very favorite things. His head support is awesome so he likes to push up with his hands and look around.

His sleeping and eating have both improved. Last month he slept 6-8 hours at night consistently but this month he started a pretty regular schedule of 10-11 hours at night. Believe me, it's incredible! We start bathtime between 8:30 and 8:45 then he's usually asleep by 9:30-9:45. Most mornings he sleeps until 7:30 but 8:30 isn't abnormal and once or twice he slept until 9:00. His naps during the day have become more like catnaps but we don't mind because he sleeps so well at night. He still nurses quite a lot but the frequency and duration are much better. He goes about 2 hours between feedings, occasionally 3.

His two new fascinations are his hands and practicing arching his back until he's laying down. In almost all of our 3 month pictures he's either chewing on/looking at his hands or arching his back and slumping down on the chair. Such a goofy baby!
 Here's the photographic evidence. It's so funny to watch him arch up and scoot down! He throws his arm out and a second later he's on his back and kicking his feet.

He's become even more chatty and giggly. He loves it when K comes home for lunch and he suddenly hears his voice. He also enjoys watching his big brothers and rarely gets startled when they get rowdy. In our few weeks here in our new city we had a few traumatic experiences with him while out and about so we really started limiting our outings. Now that he goes longer between feedings and I've become more competent at nursing in public when I need to we've gotten out a lot more. He's actually really, really good when we go out now! We get asked a lot, "Is he always this sweet and quiet??" The answer is NO but he really is a very good baby. One of my favorite things is how sweet and observant he is right now. He loves to smile and stare at so many things that he's just never noticed before. He's also done very well with being passed around at church, so I'm thankful for that.

Month 4 is going to involve more growth and development, of course, but also his first plane ride and other fun things! We can't wait!

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