Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Summer Fun!

We've missed out on a lot of typical summer activities this year. I can't quite decide why, though. Having a baby and moving to a new city for a new job can't have anything to do with it, of course. It must be something else!
I'll think on that in all the spare time I have between setting up house and taking care of LDB.


Anyways, although we haven't had a typical summer we have been blessed to still get some good time with family.

First, we had a visit from my sister's family. It was a blast!
 Reunited and it feels SO good! Here's LDB with his Auntie M.

LDB with cousins Ace and Bug

Playtime with Daddy and cousin Carlos.

We took a trip to the beach! 
Thanks, Uncle Bubs, for the photobomb!

 We had a good time and I promised the kids that sharks don't live in our ocean.
I think they believed me!

 K had a great time keeping Carlos happy.
 Walking on the sand! He was a little unsure of getting out there by himself at first.

LDB and I hung out under the umbrella. It was breezy and wonderful!

It was so good to have family in town! We did more than just hang out at the beach but I was having too much fun to be worried with taking pictures so this is all I can document.
Thanks, M and Co., for making us feel special and visiting!

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