Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Grandparent Love

After the visit from M and Co. we got to spend some quality time with our parents.
First we took a trip north to see K's family. There was a celebration in honor of his dad's 30th year of working for this company and we went to be the bearers of the grandbaby. GiGi and Pappy were glad to have a chance to show him off. Once again, I was a delinquent photographer but I did snap a few pictures.

 On the way. We stopped so we could all eat. My intention was to try and get a picture of LDB and his 4 uncles on K's side but this outfit got leaked on before we made it there. Ahhhh the adventures of traveling with a baby!

 Once we made it there Uncles Skeeter and Cricket were excited to see how much he had grown.

 Playtime with Pappy

Playtime with Daddy and GiGi introducing LDB to the family cat, Milo.


Getting to meet a couple of K's closest friends from home!

We had a great visit! LDB is growing so fast and I'm glad that K's parents were able to spend some time with him!

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