Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Adventures of the Froomies!

I live for my weekends.

My weeks are wonderful, don't get me wrong. I really enjoy my jobs and voice lessons and practicing. But, my weekends are just a nice, relaxing get away.

This past weekend I went to see my Froomie a.k.a Sammi Slamma Jamma. Both of these names involve long stories which I shall not disclose here due to, well, not wanting to take the time. Anyways, I digress too often. I left HPUville on Friday morning and went to spend the weekend with Froomie in her hometown. I had never visited and since a mutual friend was getting married very near SSJ's home, we figured this was the perfect opportunity. It was a lovely weekend. We got to catch up over dinner before going to a bible study with some of her friends on Friday. Then Saturday was the wedding!!

But. (there's always a but) (and a butt). I forgot my dress in HPUville!

Seriously. Who does that!! I had two dresses set aside; one for the wedding and one for church and they both stayed hung up in my apartment. The funny thing is, I remembered the coordinating jewelry. But not the dresses. I crack myself up sometimes. So...my Froomie and I made a little trip to the local Walmart and picked up a super cute dress which happened to match the jewelry, nail polish and shoes that I packed. Also, it was $9! So maybe, overall, I'm glad that I left the dresses at home.

So, now I shall post a few of my favorite pictures. :-)

My Froomie and I when we arrived at the church.
We were early so we had fun taking pictures at the church playground :-) This showcases my cute new dress!
He sang to her! Oh my goodness, it was beautiful!
The stunning bride and I.
The Risners!

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