Monday, June 22, 2009

Not Me! Monday...oh yes, Malissa, I've jumped on the bandwagon!

Because my sister has gotten me sucked into the MckMama vortex, I am going to join in on the fun of a "Not Me! Monday" blog experience.


This weekend I definitely did not wake up at 5:25am to drive back to HPUville in order to be at church by 10:30.
And...whilst making this drive...I didn't see a sweet turtle cross the middle of the busy road. Even if I had seen a turtle, I never ever would have pulled over, turned around, ran into the road, and picked up said imaginary turtle. And after all that I would never be caught placing the turtle into my car to take home and live in my bathtub for the morning until I could come home from church and take it to the local park. I mean, what kind of insane person does that? NOT ME!

I also didn't decide that "Heart Healthy" tortillas were, as they say, "for the birds". And I never would have taken that notion so far as to actually go feed about 15 of them to the ducks and geese at the aforementioned local park. Never would I be so silly as to feed crappy perfectly lovely tortillas to a combination of fish, turtles, ducks, geese and squirrels. Nope. NOT ME!

When I talked to my Schatz on the phone this week, I never nagged at him for "never telling me anything". I don't nag. Never never never. And, in the same phone conversation I wouldn't be caught trying to coax out information about upcoming events in our relationship. I am always completely patient and am never nosy. I leave being nosy up to my sister.

Last night, after eating dinner I did not eat a huge bowl of ice cream and justify it by putting blackberries on top! I am always a very healthy new-veg who watches everything that I eat. Besides, I never let my cravings get to me. I am strong.

Ok. That's all for this week. I feel much better.


ME said...

Very proud of you! Doesn't it feel better?

sopranorebecca said...

I really does!

Drahdrah said...

I just pictured you running into the street to save the turtle.. what a vision !!! Great post.