Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ich vermisse....

This past Sunday, June 21, marked one year since I left for Germany. I started the process of praying and looking for an opportunity to serve there in August of 2007, and thanks to a friend that God placed in my path at exactly the right moment, everything fell into place. I had been longing to go back for 4 years. God is so good; He sent me back with wonderful plans. I was able to meet some of the most amazing people in the world and also to reconnect with old friends.

This week has been rough for me.

When I first came back to Texas I was ecstatic to be with my family and friends again, but it was a difficult transition for me. I know why God brought me back; I couldn't stay forever. :-) But big parts of me wanted to stay.

This week has been rough for me because:
It's been one year. One very blessed year, but not a year without daily missing Germany.
I miss my friends and host families.
I long to go back.
I miss travelling on the U-bahn and the buses every day. Who needs a car, anyway?
I want to sit in a German worship service and only be able to understand half of the words, but still feel God speaking to me.
I miss the great conversations I had with Jackie while cooking in her kitchen.
I would love to be picking strawberries with Anneke while talking about silly boys and an amazing God.
I never got to go to the theater and see an opera. I want to do that.
I miss Lennart. His funny jokes and perfect english.
I want to see how much John and Tom have grown and talk about life with Van.
I miss Gisela and Bernd. And Paula. Wonderful host parents.
I want to be riding in a BMW with Philip even though he's a crazy driver on the autobahn.
I miss being able to laugh at my broken German, but knowing that it was getting better everyday!
I miss the team from Cali and spending time with Theresa.
I miss the NC team.
I miss everything. And everyone.

So, during this rough week, I'm trying really hard to focus on these things:
I work with beautiful children at FBC.
I love hpuville even when I'm bored out of my mind.
My family is in Texas. They love me beyond what I deserve.
I have friends here that have had similar experiences to mine. They are the best about really knowing my passion.
I see my nieces and nephews every few weeks. They grow so quickly and I would miss that if I wasn't here.
I have an incredible relationship with the boy and he is very understanding of my love for Germany.
I am learning about God's will.
And God's will is for me to be here.

Anneke and I in my first week.
Andi and I in Regensburg.
Inside joke.
The Kloepfers.
The Ingrams.

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