Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Stop tripping on your safety nets!

Life is so unpredictable.

However, I often find myself trying in my very most stubborn attitude to predict it. I am a planner. I very rarely enjoy spontaneity...only if it's pertaining to something trivial can I find myself being spontaneous. I like to make decisions quickly because I want to be able to plan accordingly. Also, the longer I take to make a decision the more I stress out about it. (by the way...I'm also indecisive. Go figure. God and His sense of humor...)

While talking to The Boy on Sunday about some very important education decisions that we've both been considering, I became very overcome with emotion. So many times we lay down all these "Safety Nets". We literally cover our future with prospective options and ideas just in case something "Falls Through". For instance, someone might think "I shall get a degree in Music Education. That's the responsible thing to do because, you see, education is a sturdy field to pursue. Yes, I feel God calling me to music ministry but that can wait. There's no way I can make a living and provide for a family with those plans." Or someone else might say "I think I'll get my Master's degree from a respectable seminary even though they don't offer the program that will prepare me for the type of ministry I feel called to. I don't really need the education, just the degree, right?"

So. I had a thought. This is something that happens to me often, believe it or not.

This "Safety Net" crap is pointless! If I am truly following God's will, listening to His voice and understanding his protection then why do I need to lay down all these Nets? I don't need to think about every option and have a finger in every pie, if you will. Now, I'm not saying that being prepared for wherever God takes me is a mistake, not at all, but I am realizing something important. If I start walking along the path that God has prepared for me and I have all these little "Safety Nets" at my feet just in case something "Falls Through" Then I am going to be distracted and I will get my feet tangled up and trip on them. However, if I start walking that path with focus on Jesus Christ and His perfect will, then I have no need for Nets.

I have a million more thoughts running around in my head about this, but this is all that I can write that would make sense in actual words.

So, I leave you with the original quote from my conversation and I hope that it does some good for somebody...
"You have got to stop laying down all these safety nets! Otherwise, you're just going to trip on them!"

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